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Chris Nadeau - Sales

Chris Nadeau


Phone: 828-275-0080

E-Mail: wheelcitymotorschris@yahoo.com

Chris Nadeau received his high school diploma from North Buncombe High School and then went on to attend East Tennessee State University obtaining a bachelor's degree in Business Management. While working on his degree, Chris consigned vehicles online for individuals in many parts of the country achieving a Top Rated Seller award from eBay. After graduating, he traversed North America in a home-built RV finally ending up in Alaska. After returning to Asheville, he then thru hiked the entire 2,185 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine over the course of six and a half months. Soon after he completed his hike, he was employed at Johnson City Toyota where he revamped the internet sales department as the Internet Sales Manager before becoming a Sales Manager. He became part of the Wheel City Motors family in late 2015. Chris and Adam work together as a team selling a variety of certified pre-owned vehicles.

Mike Wheatley - Finance

Mike Wheatley


Phone: 828-702-3473

E-Mail: wheelcity7@gmail.com

Mike Wheatley is a Western North Carolina native who has enjoyed the world of automobiles since he could walk. In 2001, he decided it was time for a career change. He was employed by a local used car dealership and it took off from there. Since 2007 when Wheel City Motors was established, he has managed and help grow such a great business. Today, Mike not only handles all the financing and warranty options, but also helps appraise, sell, and manage inventory. He is an well-rounded automobile professional in all fields of the industry.

Adam Fayssoux - Sales

Adam Fayssoux


Phone: 828-778-6590

E-Mail: wheelcitymotorsadam@yahoo.com

Adam Fayssoux is an Asheville native and became a part of the Wheel City Motors family shortly after graduating high school at age 19. Ten years later, he is still helping make Wheel City Motors such a great place of business. Adam has experience in all parts of the automobile industry; from wholesale to retail. Adam has not only appraised and purchased wholesale in order to offer great inventory, but has also sold retail for many years. He recently returned home from Texas where he managed a top-of-the-line barbecue restaurant. Today, Adam and Chris work together as a team selling a variety of certified pre-owned vehicles. Adam will greet you with a firm handshake and a family like attitude every time.

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