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Adam Fayssoux - Sales & Finance

Adam Fayssoux

Sales & Finance

Phone: 828-778-6590


Adam Fayssoux is an Asheville native and has been part of the Wheel City Motors family more than 10 years. From wholesale to retail, Adam has experience in all facets of the automobile industry including appraisals, finance, and cutting edge vehicle customization. Adam manages the dealership on Smokey Park Highway and is the Bruce Wayne of Wheel City Motors. Adam will greet you with a firm handshake and utilize his practical knowledge of cars, trucks and SUVs to offer you an honest trade value or suggest a new gadget to customize your new pre-owned ride. If Adam were a automobile, he would be a Duramax Suburban...reliable enough to be a daily driver, but powerful enough to carry the family of 5!

Mike Wheatley - Wholesale

Mike Wheatley


Phone: 828-702-3473


Mike Wheatley is a Western North Carolina native who has been enthralled with the world of automobiles since he was walking! Mike started his automotive career in 2001 and was part of the team that established the retail arm of Wheel City Motors. Mike's forte is inventory selection...helping find the best pre-owned cars in the market in his new role on Wheel City's wholesale team. Mike is a true car aficionado and has an enviable personal collection of his own. When asked what kind of car or truck Mike would be...easy! A 69 Z28 Camaro.

James Blankenship

Sales & Finance

Phone: 828-242-8351


James Blankenship is a man of few words (which is rare in the car business) so when he gets chatty he's thoughtful and forthcoming. James grew up in Candler and joined Wheel City in 2015. James is truck guy. If you need recommendations on which wheels and tires to put on your truck or how much to lift it, James is your man. An avid hunter, James is the Jim Shockey of Wheel City Motors. Even when he's got one eye on the target, he keeps the other focused on what's important in a functional truck...bed size, leveling kits, hauling capacity and color. If James were a truck, he would be a Classic 2007 Chevy Duramax ...the year the body changed and emissions went down, but still completely dependable and ready for the back road challenge.

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