The Car Guys & Gals at Wheel City Motors

Dewayne Stephens


From the late model SUVs and customized trucks with Wheel City flare to the unique luxury vehicles and sports cars, Dewayne’s passion for cars and trucks permeates all facets of our business. Dewayne has been into cars and trucks since his was a kid fixing the paint on his Hot Wheels. Dewayne started selling cars for our friends at Fisher Motors in Minot, ND after his time spent in the military. When he moved back home to Asheville, he spent several years selling cars for our friends at Sam & Dave’s before opening his own lot, Wheel City Motors, in 2007 on Sardis Road. He moved Wheel City to Smokey Park Highway in 2009. Today, if you catch Dewayne at Wheel City Motors, he’s running in and out likely on his phone! His knowledge of vehicle features and value is second to none and his reputation of being fair means other car dealerships often call him first to buy or sell their trades. The automotive alias for Dewayne would be an AEV Hemi Brute…enough said.

Greg Melikian

General Manager

Phone: 8286652442


Greg started his career in the automobile industry in July 2000 and has spent time working for the big three: Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram. After nearly 20 years working in franchise dealerships, Greg wanted to bring his expertise to a family oriented, local dealership and joined Wheel City in May 2018. Greg lives in Weaverville with his wife of 19 years and high school age son. He enjoys fishing, hunting, spending time with family and coaching his son's football team. If Greg were an automobile, he would be an F-150 because he thinks only toddler's looks good in a bow tie.

Adam Fayssoux - Retail Sales & Finance

Adam Fayssoux

Retail Sales & Finance

Phone: 828-778-6590


Adam Fayssoux is an Asheville native and has been part of the Wheel City Motors family more than 10 years. From wholesale to retail, Adam has experience in all facets of the automobile industry including appraisals, finance, and cutting edge vehicle modifications. Adam manages the dealership on Smokey Park Highway and is the Bruce Wayne of Wheel City Motors. Adam will greet you with a firm handshake and utilize his practical knowledge of cars, trucks and SUVs to offer you an honest trade value or suggest a new gadget to customize your new pre-owned ride. If Adam were a automobile, he would be a Duramax Suburban...reliable enough to be a daily driver, but powerful enough to carry the family of 5!

James Blankenship

Retail Sales & Finance

Phone: 828-242-8351


James Blankenship is a man of few words (which is rare in the car business) so when he gets chatty he's thoughtful and forthcoming. James grew up in Candler and joined Wheel City in 2015. James is truck guy. If you need recommendations on which wheels and tires to put on your truck or how high to lift it, James is your man. An avid hunter, James is the Jim Shockey of Wheel City Motors. Even when he's got one eye on the target, he keeps the other focused on what's important in a functional truck...bed size, leveling kits, hauling capacity and color. If James were a truck, he would be a Classic 2007 Chevy Duramax ...the year the body changed and emissions went down, but still completely dependable and ready for the back road challenge.

Chris Nadeau  - Retail Sales & Finance

Chris Nadeau

Retail Sales & Finance

Phone: 828-275-0080


Chris Nadeau joined the Wheel City family in 2015 and has an extensive knowledge of off-road vehicles. He spends his vacation time off-roading in Moab on ATVs. In addition to his experience at Wheel City Motors, Chris has also spent time working at Wheel City Tire and enjoys helping customers find custom tires and wheels for their new purchase. If Chris were a automobile, he would be a 6L E350 Conversion Van equipped with hiking tools, camping gear and enough room for his four-legged Ayla!

Jeff Stevens  - Wholesale Manager

Jeff Stevens

Wholesale Manager

Phone: 8287346008

If a car battery could describe a personality, Jeff Stevens would be the red side everyday, all day! You will never meet a more positive person! Born and raised in Candler, Jeff grew up around cars and started his automotive career as a kid washing and running cars at Ken Wilson Ford. He worked his way up to Used Car Sales Manager for Ken Wilson before joining the Wheel City team in 2007. Jeff manages the Wholesale team at Wheel City and makes sure we are buying and selling the best cars and trucks in the marketplace. If Jeff were a car, he would be a Z06 Corvette…fast and stable even in the wide body model.

Mike Wheatley - Wholesale Buyer

Mike Wheatley

Wholesale Buyer

Phone: 828-702-3473


Mike Wheatley is a Western North Carolina native who has been enthralled with the world of automobiles since he was walking! Mike started his automotive career in 2001 and was part of the team that established the retail arm of Wheel City Motors. Mike will joke he is semi-retired but his forte is inventory selection...helping find the best pre-owned cars in the market in his new role on Wheel City's wholesale team. Mike is a true car aficionado and has an enviable personal collection of his own. When asked what kind of car or truck Mike would be...easy! A 1969 Z28 Camaro.

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